Mental Health Web Series

Making a Comeback is a story-driven campaign to rebrand mental health. Our short documentary films mix personal stories with expert interviews. We reduce stigma, promote treatment innovations, and leave people hopeful.

We use cultural mythology, marketing psychology, and change management techniques to maximize our storytelling impact

It can be hard to bring up sensitive topics like mental health, but it is time to talk about it. Short documentary films are the perfect conversation starter. Please see our secondary brand for more films


8 x films document the comeback of someone whose life has been touched by mental health. The journey from crisis to transformation is a personal story at the heart of each film. The larger social narrative is woven in, and expert analysis ensure the stories are practical as well as inspiring.

  • Each film comes in 3 lengths.
    1 minute
    4 minute
    10 minute

Each film comes with print and digital resources. Then a finale film weaves all our stories together.

Distribution to at-risk audiences and key influencers, including free downloadable films and resources online. Individual films are customized for special audiences (veterans, men, teens, GLBT), yet universal themes of the journey from crisis to transformation engage a broader demographic.


We are filming on 3 out of the 8 stories now, along with fundraising for ongoing production costs. We aim to release the complete series by 2018/2019.