Making a Comeback is a story-driven campaign to transform the understanding and treatment of mental illness. Short documentary films mix personal stories with expert interviews. We reduce stigma, promote treatment innovations, and leave people hopeful. Marketing psychology and change management techniques maximize our storytelling impact.


4 x 8-minute films document the comeback of someone whose life has been touched by mental health. Personal stories showcase the journey from crisis to transformation. Expert interviews are featured, along with innovative treatment models and community outreach efforts. The series is emotional, candid, and inspiring.

Individual films are customized for special audiences (veterans, men, teens, GLBT), yet universal themes of the journey from crisis to transformation engage a broader demographic. Additional content from each film provides valuable resources that are ideal for social media and drive audiences to our longer films.

Mental Health Mythbusters (30 second films) reduce stigma                                                Mental Health Minutes (1 minute films) share good ideas


For 83% of people with a health issue, the first thing they do is go on the internet. It’s important to meet them where they are. Our films are distributed online for free. The films will live on our website, on the websites of the people and programs we feature, and on social channels including Youtube, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Instagram. Through promoting and optimizing our content online.

Free distribution eliminates barriers to access. Downloadable films provide a valuable resource for workplaces, schools, and mental health presenters. Direct distribution to communities of interest, at-risk audiences, and key influencers maximizes reach.


Mental Health needs a new narrative. Why not give it one? The gift of communications through our free films will empower people who want to share good content and good ideas. The people and programs we feature can use the films for their own advocacy and fundraising needs. In this way, our stories create a ripple effect empowering individual and systemic change.


We have completed 7 interviews so far and are currently fundraising for ongoing production costs. We aim to release the complete series by Winter 2018.