Reducing Stigma

The challenges running a large production and communicating a sensitive topic like mental health can be daunting for any filmmaker.

Reducing stigma is the work of warriors. I have doubted myself along the way, “How am I going to sell this? How do I even talk about this?” yet I refused to indulge my fears because I knew I had a job to do. I was going to take that hill whatever the cost.

I embraced discomfort and did my best. As every climber knows, it isn’t all mountain tops and sunsets. Important work happens trudging through swamps and mulling over strategy at base camp.

To succeed in life, as in production, it’s best to embrace the entirety of your human journey, facing our shadows and light with equal curiosity and courage. My dad also reminded me of the value of a good laugh along the way, “Whatever you do, don’t lose your sense of humour”.

Dad was right. When we let go of the need for an easy road and accept our challenges with good cheer, the universe opens up in ways we could not imagine nor script.

“The mountains we conquer are ourselves.” – Edmund Hillary

Producer / Director, Allanah Mooney


Fredric (Ric) Matteson, Barb Kozeletski, and Jason Moran hold some of the visual treatment tools used in CCT, an innovative suicide education and therapy, one of several we profile in our series.  Barb is featured in our film series also and is a long-time friend. Barb’s daughter Hayden died by suicide at 16.

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